Swervy Car Support


Q: When will the game be fully released?

A: I am working on this game as a hobby in my spare time.  While there is no certain release date I intend to have it released before the start of 2019.

Q: My game crashes when I open it?

A: That is unfortunate.  Please send an email to betafeedback@wpyle.com with your device information and I will fix the issue.

Q: What are the coins for?

A: Coins are used to purchase different vehicles.  As of right now, the vehicle store is not in the game so… they kind of don’t do anything as of right now.

Q: Can I make a suggestion?

A: Please do! Send any suggestions to betafeedback@wpyle.com

Q: What do I do if I found a bug?

A: Please let me know at betafeedback@wpyle.com!

Q: Why were my score and coins reset?

A: Every major update will reset both your Highscore and your coins until the game is fully released.