About Me:

I’m a game designer in the serious games industry.  Recently I have been developing virtual reality experiences in order to make healthcare more fun.  I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Interactive Arts, a love of programming, and a desire to never run out of dev work.  I’m the happiest when challenged by a problems that allows me to grow as a developer or as an individual (or both!). I have a respect for all genres of games, but a special place in my heart for competitive, team based, multiplayer games – and really any game that can bring users together over a shared experience.

If you want to chat about game design, development, virtual reality, or anything else – don’t hesitate to reach out!

(Just don’t talk to me about Skyrim. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but, I just don’t think it’s that good. Also, it came out in 2011 – It’s time for us to move on.)