Who I am

My name is William Pyle and I am currently a senior Interactive Arts major at the Maryland Institute College of Art, set to graduate in the spring of 2018. My art practice concentrates in game design and programming, but I am also a hobbyist illustrator, 3D modeler, and interactive installation artist. I have a strong interest in Virtual Reality in games and its potential applications in educational software, especially in regards to medical training. Being a primarily digital based artist, I am a strong proponent of free and open source content and am excited to see the future of open source games and software.

If you are interested in what I do or have a project or job opportunity you would like to talk to me about, please contact me through my contact page or message me on twitter!

Why I make Games

Play is an important part of our lives and development and is instinctively understood by humans across the planet.  In a world that is so divided, it is essential for people to be able to connect and bond over shared experiences, even if those experiences are as small as playing the same game.  My goal is to be able to create content that allows people to share the enjoyment of play together and to sprinkle a little bit more fun into the world.  Because I find games so important to human development it is also my goal to deliver this content to the user for as little cost as humanly possible. Play is important and games should be as accessible as possible!

Friends and Inspirations:

Madina Nakashima – Film / Video / Sound Production

Tyler Mathai – Illustration / Print Making

Evangeline Gallagher – illustration / Print Maker

Catherine Khamnouane – Painting / Sculptor / General Fine Arts

Lci – Game Design / 3D Modeling

Joshua Gleason – Game Design / 3D Modeling

Jason Corace – Game Designer / MICA Professor

Sam Sheffield – Game Designer / MICA Professor